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  1. I know it's the Sun so apologies But if they've not read it wrong the statistics show truth. Interesting in particular I think is the difference in refuge availability for men V women. 100 UK wide for men vs 7500 for women What do you make of this issue?
  2. Hi all Just in case I thought I should pop up a reminder that you can PM me or post up in the private section to access confidential support. If you are posting here about anything that is recent or ongoing (that is what this section is for!) then please do be careful how much information about yourself you give out. Please stay safe
  3. Curious what people think! Feel free to just vote but if you would like to share your thoughts or experiences that would be great too
  4. What's your thoughts on this one? I've heard that someone else has just quit the panel! Scared of the outcome? Under pressure to white wash? Honest reasons?
  5. Thought this might make for a good discussion! Gender based approach to domestic abuse. What do you think of it? Many agencies use the gender analysis to come up with prevention tools. The Scottish government also follows the gender based analysis. Are they right? Wrong? Why???
  6. 18Plus is a registered charity with offices in Dundee, Scotland. We exist to provide confidential support and information to men and women over the age of 18 who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse. We offer Face 2 Face support at our offices (or nearby). We also offer Email Text and Phone support. And we facilitate peer to peer support on this here forum (as well as having workers/volunteers on the forum for support). See our confidentiality policy for the forum here and charity here Under 18? PM Keiran to access confidential support for young people and children
  7. Keiran

    Hi I'm Keiran

    Hey all! My name is Keiran and I'm a worker with the charity that run this forum, 18Plus. I'm also a father to a baby girl. That seems to take up a lot of my time and 'about me' these days! Hobbies include all things RC (remote control) in particular RC cars! Also real motorbikes and cars. Hiking. Eating cake .... Nice to meet you all
  8. There's some basic rules on the forum. Please take a minute to read them 1 - Respect everyone on the forum. 2 - Any abusive behaviour, threats, intimidation, insults, and so on are not OK. Discrimination against any race age religion gender and so would fall under this also. So in summary just be nice to everyone here 3 - Please don't share personal information with forum users. By this we mean full names addresses phone numbers or anything else that can identify you and compromise your safety 4 - Any abusive behaviour will be investigated and where appropriate the police will be notified. More to come as we learn no doubt!